The Obul Reddy Public school alumni association was formed in the year 2002. The association comes together every year and refreshes old memories. The Annual Alumni Association meet is scheduled on 25th December every year. This association has its own website

The school has a very dynamic and active Alumni identifying itself as ‘Horizon’. It aims to help the outgoing batches choose their future profession.

The PORPS alumni association has decided this year to organize an Alumni Governance body comprising of some of the senior alumni that shall over see the committee activities .The members of the alumni governance body that were elected on 25th December 2010 during the alumni reunion are as follows:

1. V. Nischala
2. B.Keeth Chowdary
3. Ajay Patsa
4. Aarthi Garapati
5. Samson Susheel
6. Rohit Gali
7. M. Lakshmi Prasanna
8. P S V Sanjeeth Mithra
9. Vedika Sultania

New PORPS Alumni Committee members The office of the alumni association have decided this year to handover the committee membership to a new set of volunteers .The old office committee was dissolved on 25th December 2010 and a new committee was formed with the following office bearers:

  • 3000

  • 160
    Staff Members

  • 30+

  • 2500+