The school provides Transport facility. Parents may avail it only if it is convenient to them. The school will decide the routes and the stops at the beginning of the every academic year, taking the number of students at different stages in view. Any change in the existing routes will be intimated to the parents.

1. No concession/rebate is allowed in the bus charges.

2. No queries / requests will be entertained regarding bus routes diversion.

3. The Transport Fee payable by a student for the Term is fixed as per the KM slab.

4. Transport fee will be payable in three equal (quarterly) installments along with Tuition fees. In case of fuel price increase additional charges may have to borne by the students. The additional charges if any, will be collected along with the last installment of transport fee.

5. Boarding and alighting time at the stops is fixed. However, sometimes there may be delays due to reasons beyond control.

6. In case a child boards a different bus or fails to get down at the designated stop, he/she will be brought back to the school and parents should collect such children from school.

7. Full payment is to be made irrespective of the service availed one way or both ways.

8. A student is not permitted to board a different bus other than the one allotted to him/her without the written permission of the parent.

9. In case of change of residence, it is responsibility of the parent to choose the convenient Bus stop that falls on the route and inform to the school.



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