Rules & Regulations

Students Diary:
Every student is given a diary by the school. The school diary must be brought to school daily. It is intended to be used by students to record home assignments. Parents / Guardians are requested to keep in touch with their ward's day to day progress and activities through this and sign the diary every day. This will establish a valuable liasion between the teachers and the parents with regard to the quality of work being done by students both at school and home.

Merit Recognition:
Subject wise merit awards are given to top scorers in CBSE Board Examination in X and XII standards.

Norms of Evaluation and Attendance:
The school has a system of continuous and comprehensive evaluation for Preprimary classes and std. I to III, covering social and emotional development apart from academic evaluation. In accordance with the new guidelines for evaluation issued by the CBSE, Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) is adopted from classes VI to X. All round performance of the child is monitored throughout the year and is notified regularly to the parents by way of a performance sheet (Report Card). The Report card issued, must be collected only by the parents. The dates for the PTA meetings are mentioned in the diary. A minimum of 85% attendance is required for a student to be eligible for promotion. Students are detained for shortage of attendance inspite of good performance. Leave application should be sent in advance in case of absence from school, except on grounds of illness. The name of the student will be removed from the rolls for continuous absence without information and he/she may be readmitted at the discretion of the Principal. A student returning to school after a prolonged illness shall produce a doctor's certificate permitting him/her to do so.

House System:
The House system is a very important aspect of the school. The students of the school are grouped into 4 houses namely - Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire and Topaz.

Royalty is Highness
Truth is Life
Punctuality is the Key to Success
Unity is Strength

Every student is alloted a House from class I onwards. He/she takes part in various activities under a particular House. Rolling trophies are awarded for excellence in academics, games, sports and all round performance.

The Student Governing Body:
Best all-round students from secondary and senior secondary classes are elected by children as captains, vice-captains from their respective houses. Apart from these, sports captains for each house are nominated and appointed. Cultural secretaries are appointed to co-ordinate all the cultural activities. These captains and vice-captains constitute the "Students Governing Body" with the head boy and head girl as their chiefs. The student governing body helps in maintaining discipline and conducting co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Coaching Classes:
From Class VIII onwards, there are special coaching classes to groom the children for competitive exams. (IIT, AIEEE etc.) which is optional and on payment of fees. Classes are held after school hours. Students of classes XI & XII are given coaching by T.I.M.E on payment towards preparing them for IIT & AIEEE exams.

School Uniform:

The details of the school uniform prescribed are available from authorised outlets. Parents are advised to confirm their requirements through the authorised outlets only.

Instructional Plan:
The medium of instruction is English.
The education programme of the school is structured to impart skills and knowledge in a lively, interesting and interactive manner through' thematic teaching and other contemporary pedagogy that make learning an enjoyable experience. Students are encouraged to work through meaningful projects and activities aimed at building essential analytical skills. These are designed to nurture the natural curiosity and inquisitiveness of the child. The School's educational programme has been carefully drafted to stimulate a child's mind and thereby influence learning abilities. Remedial days, usually Saturdays are for review and introspection, while the remedial coaching schedule is supplemented for weaker students after the school hours.

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