"The 10 years that I spent at PORPS were the best years of my life. I joined PORPS in 1989 when it was still called Andhra Mahila Sabha Vidhyalaya. I still remember we started off as a small group of 20+ students in a small independent house in Jubilee Hills. From there the school with the support of its brilliant teachers went on to become one of the best schools in Hyderabad. PORPS taught me a lot that I value to date. It taught me something beyond education. It taught me how to be a human being first. It taught me how to survive and it taught to me how to be strong. The teachers had a big role in this. They were caring, considerate and at the same time strict when required. The school also paid huge importance to sports and cultural activities which gave us a well rounded education. Now 30 years later....the school remains to be my first home where I met my best friends, my teachers who taught me everything to be successful, staff who took care of us and who we will still call “Anna” and above all memories that I cherish to date. Proud to be a PORPSian ! ."
- By Sai Nischala 1999 batch

"My life at P. Obul Reddy Public School has perhaps been the best and most cherished moments of my life. From giving me an opportunity to be The Cultural Secretary, The Topaz House Captain and then The Head Boy of the school, I can't express my gratitude in words. All these experiences have made me a better human and has brought about a sense of responsibility into me. The love and support from the teachers, the sirs has been those of parents. I had always found my second home at school. I will never be able to forget how everyone had made me feel during my time at school. It has been the most enriching and pleasant moments of my life. I owe it to each and every staff member of the school for where I am today. They always believed in my dreams more than I did in them myself. I have been lucky enough to represent Hyderabad in the U23 category for two years and due to my performance this year, I was also included in the Hyderabad Ranji Trophy and Syed Mustaq Ali team.The dream to play for India in all 3 formats for a long period of time and do my parents, my friends,my teachers, my sirs, my school, my country proud. I thank P. Obul Reddy Public School for everything you have done. I am grateful. ."
- Karthikeya Kak , Hyderabad Ranji Player, 2014 Batch

"Education is the manifestation of perfection already in a human being and plays a vital role in one’s life.’’ Both me and my brother joined the school in it's inception year. Our school has always been incredibly unique with wonderful teachers that each one brought something really special to contribute to our learning. The school has taught us to be resilient, genuinely empathetic, and always helped us keep the challenges on our priority list. It was a place where exposure and opportunity were not predicated and where our visions were produced from a lens of equity. Obul Reddy has always been a place of inspiration...and we are now proud parents of our kids who are continuing our journey in the school as second generation kids... ."
- Srujana-1997 batch & Keeth-1999 batch

"When I joined PORPS for perusing my senior secondary school, I was really scared to begin all over at a new place. Things picked up really fast. I was surrounded by new classmates, new teachers and a whole new atmosphere. As days went by, I began to love every bit of this school. During my first year here, I was given the opportunity to be a part of the editorial board. That being my first step, my horizon broadened, new avenues were waiting for me to conquer. I participated in various school and interschool competitions. I thoroughly enjoyed myself performing at every special occasion we'd celebrate at school. I was a part of my school's athletics, throw ball and debate teams, where I was always encouraged to put in my best efforts. I'm ever grateful to the faculty members for their unconditional support and guidance because of which I had the opportunity to excel and win gold in CBSE sports meet and later represent my region at the National level! My school has always stood by me, at every step, so when I got the opportunity to be a part of the student council as the cultural secretary and give back to my school in any small way possible, I was elated. I did not want to leave this place. It had become my second home. But as all good things must come to an end, so did my journey here. I consider my school awarding me the "Outstanding student of the Year 2013-2014" as the best parting gift ever and at present, till I achieve my present goal, that remains as the "Cherry on the cake". I've spent some of my most memorable days here, I've met some very inspiring mentors here, I've made friends for life here, I found a home here. No matter where life leads me, PORPS will always be a part of me.I shall always cherish my fondest memories I have had there. ."
- SUSHMITHA V ANNADATHA 2014(12th)-Batch (Jonelta Foundation School of Medicine – UPHSD)

"P. Obul Redyy Public School has been a crucial part in the development of my overall personality. It encourages students to think out of the box. It also the bought the best out us by conducting various events. It thought us values and about our culture and heritage during the time annual day. Today i am a multitasker and that is because of the fact that i am habituated to being busy and indulging myself with various works in different platforms provided by PORPS. The ambience and the people in the school is what makes it even more special.."
- G S S RAJ KIRAN (2014 - 10th Batch)

"Though I’ve spent 2 years at PORPS, I’ve got life long memories and lessons to carry forward. I’m so grateful to be a part of PORPS Alumni. I think the school provides the best faculty to the students and focuses on overall development of the student rather than limiting them to one line. Sports and cultural activities were given equal importance, that’s something I really like about the school. The two years that I’ve spent at PORPS gave me enough exposure to choose and what’s right for me. Special mention to the facility for always welcoming us with warm hands and helping us whenever needed. Truly grateful and proud to be a part of PORPS!."
- Divya Boppana (2017 - 12th Batch)

"For me, School was always been a place which instilled curiosity and learning within me. Me, being really fascinated with science, PORPS helped me a lot in learning the rignt way. Starting from the teaching to the lab experiments which showed us the practicality of science, which always left us wanting to know more. I remember our teacher explaining about the process of osmosis and showing its changes under the microscope. It was the start of me really wanting to pursue Science. Now, as a proud and happy 3rd year Medico, I would always thank my school and my teachers (especially Ms. Nagaveena Ma'am) for believing in the students and showing us the right direction to move forward in life.."
- Apoorva Sishtla (2014 - 10th batch) (Pursuing Medicine in JIMS Medical College)

"Its my pleasure to write this testimonial about my school Durgabai Deshmukh Mahila Sabha P. Obul Reddy public school in which I’ve done my ten years of schooling. Apart from being the part of such an alumnus, I am proud that I’ve been in one of the best schools in the city of Hyderabad under the guidance of many teachers who thought us much beyond what’s there in the books, helping us grow and shaping us into the personalities we are today. Most of us in our batch (2017-18) are in the age group of sixteen and seventeen now, and we’ve chosen our paths that we are going to follow but we all remember that where the journey started. Every small thing around our campus inspired us, thought us something and kept us eagerly waiting for the next moment. Our daily schedule (time table) was also perfectly designed, we had a co-curricular activity period like sports, art and craft, computers, music, etc each day. The school also conducted various inter-house competitions to prove our brains and brawns. We could also take in the annual day or sports day conducted alternate years. ."
- R.Lallith Prasath (2018 - 10th Batch) (Pursuing 12th in Narayana College)

"2 great years spent, didn't know what times flies meant before these 2 years. I love all the teachers and i am glad that Obul Reddy Public School is celebrating its 25th year!!Congratulations and may this 25 double and triple and quadruple with more joy n suuccess!! ."
- Varshini Kolla

"My years in PORPS were probably the best years of my life.Despite having graduated 15 years ago.I still share such strong bonds that i can pick up the phone and talk to my school teachers.This is a comfort that very few from other schools and many from our school share.PORPS the place to grow as a person and professional.My teachers are the reason i am a physician in the United States and it is their hardwork and dedication that i have used as benchmark all my life.I am sure the teachers will continue to inspie."
- Dheeraj Kumar Raju Konduru

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