Career Guidance

Students often find themselves at crossroads where decision making about their careers becomes a herculean task. It is here that DDMS P Obul Reddy Public School comes into the picture as the guiding force, helping the students develop self -awareness, decision making skills, employability skills which are the dynamics of Higher Education. This support and reinforcement is provided by the school career guidance counsellors who are equipped with the training and certification provided by IC 3- International College and Career Counselling Institute. The main objective of the career guidance cell at the school is to counsel students from classes IX to XII on their academic choices, professional development opportunities and to provide inclusive counselling, focused on students success.

The School has been conducting robust enlightening career counselling sessions in various disciplines. This school has been conducting the sessions in the way of nurturing the students’ mind sets to look for unconventional career options, among others.

The school in collaboration with an organisation - Cognosia, a Neuroscience Research-based organization offers cognitive and career assessments and recommend better career options through workshops.

The CBSE has introduced a new Aptitude Test named Know Your Aptitude (KYA). It has been developed by the NCERT for the students of classes IX and X. This will help students get an understanding of the areas they are strong and can build a successful career. This school has already completed conducting this test for class X and it will be taken up shortly for students of class X as well.

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June 2019 Career Guidance
June 2019 Career Guidance

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