NCC stands for the National Cadets Corps which is the Indian military cadet corps. It is headquartered in New Delhi and very frequently invites students from schools and colleges in order to develop them for Indian security in the future. The cadets are invited to participate in various activities both of state level as well as national level. Along with various sports and fitness activities, there are several other aspects such as academics and spirit for nation that are also taught. Many moral values such as selfless service, honestly and hard work & its importance is touched upon, which helps in making a person not only physically strong but also mentally stable.

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Following are few of the aspects which are covered in NCC program
  • Introduction to the history of the NCC, its motto, its service and administration.
  • Detailed introduction of what exactly NCC and its duties
  • Regular Drill and exercises.
  • Rifle, SLR, LMG, Stan Gun, 2” Mortar, Grenade, Pistol training with first hand exposure of weapon training.
  • Directional training along with geographical location training. NCC cadets are also taught to understand and read the maps so that they are able to locate themselves when need arises.
  • Field crafts and use of techniques and tactics is an essential part of training which acts as a guild map in case of cadets want to pursue armed forces as a career option.
  • Basic medical knowledge which consist of anatomy and Physiology of human body. First aim and medial endurance is also taught during the training. This not only comes handy at all times but is a big plus in case of need.
  • Basic wellbeing which consist of hygiene and sanitation ,which helps in sustaining in inhabitable places .
  • Civil defence and self-defence is taught together in order to safeguard the society in case of need arises along with securing ones safety as well.
  • Ayurveda and yogasan which helps to keep the body perfect specially when appropriate medication is not available.
  • History of India and history of defence system in India so as to build in pride for the nation.

  • Knowledge about citizenship and LOC.
  • There are a total of 32 seats which are set aside for cadets who hold NCC certificate provided they have scored 50% in graduation with at least a B grade in C level examination. If all this suffices, then they are eligible for SSC without even qualifying for a CDS written exam. All they have to do is clear the SSB interview*.
  • Other than SSB they also get a preference over other in the CRF and BSF
  • Other than just armed forces there are several central and state Government organisations who give special preference to NCC cadets
  • Pardon of Written Exam in Recruitment : All cadets get excuse from written exam from General Duties recruitment (This is the step where most other candidates fail!)

  • Upto nine vacancies per course for commission in Navy are reserved for NCC 'C" certificate pass graduate cadets with (Physics & Maths) or BE in the age group of 19 to 24 years and passed by SSB exempted from CDS examination of UPSC.

*Air Force
  • Pilots Course:- 10% vacancies reserved in each branch for NCC 'C" Certificate holders. Not processed through UPSC examination.
  • Girl cadets also can get different jobs. Girl cadets may choose career as Army Officers, Whole Time Lady Officers and Girls Cadet Instructors (GCIs).
  • NCC cadets can get a good job more easily as compared to others. Private and Public Sectors give preference to the holders of 'A','B' &'C' certificates. Many reputed companies like Reliance Group, Ambuja Group, Tata, Birla, Infosys and other MNC prefer NCC Cadets for different jobs. In this way NCC improves the status of the cadets in job market and helps them in achieving the aim of their life.
  • One can easily identify the NCC cadets in a job because an NCC cadet looks confident, disciplined, helpful and easily accepts the additional responsibilitie

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